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Welcome to my home on the web, this is all about me, Philip Whiteside. I could list the mundane details that I’m a XY year old something etc etc, but that would bore everyone to death. So I’ll try my best not to do that here.

My Role (2016-…)

My current role is as a Cisco Technical Solutions Architect (TSA), focussed on Data Centre technologies. Data Centre is a very faced paced environment, with lots of interesting ideas and technologies emerging.

With this rapid expansion, and the worlds growing reliance on Data Centre’s, I feel that this stage in my life is going to be filled with challenges and excitement.

As a Cisco TSA I will be tasked with working with Cisco’s customers, partners, and field teams, offering support when and where I can.

Virtual Role (2015-16)

After completing the Cisco CSAP graduate scheme I moved into the Virtual Systems Engineering role, part of Cisco Global Virtual Engineering.

In GVE I worked with Cisco’s customers, partners, and field teams offering pre-sales technical support across the Cisco technology portfolio.

Focussing more on Data Centre technologies I have expanded my knowledge to provide better insight with Cisco technology. I have developed strengths in many different ways.

Graduate Scheme (2014-15)

I have undergone the Cisco CSAP graduate scheme after completing University with a First Class Honours Degree.

Over the next two years I will undergo rigorous technical and non-technical training, preparing me to work within Cisco and with Cisco’s customers to develop solutions to their unique needs.

My official title is a Cisco Associate Systems Engineer (ASE), this is what Cisco has to say about it.

“ASEs are pre-sales consulting engineers who use their technical expertise to translate customer requirements into integrated solutions”

Internship (2012-13)

In my third year of University I went on placement, as part of a sandwich degree course, this allowed me to get real industry experience and learn outside of the classroom.

My Internship was at Cisco within the ECATS team, the ECATS team is a group of engineers that worked on customer testing services. The ECATS team often worked with the largest of Cisco’s customers.

By the end I had achieved my both Cisco CCNA and Cisco CCNP certifications.

The knowledge and experience learned during the internship, particularly the technical training, will be invaluable to me throughout my career.

University (2010-14)

I have completed University, having studied on a Computer Networking Technology degree at UCLan University.

I achieved a First Class Honours Degree with a final grade of 85%.

For my dedication I was awarded by the British Computer Society, “Best Final Year Student on a BCS Accredited Course”. This was a nice surprise as like every other student, you don’t know what you’ve really got till the very end.

British Sign Language (Life)

Don’t let this fool you, I am much more than a student of networking, I am a person with interests, interests that must be fed.

I have learnt British Sign Language (BSL) for quite a long time now and feel confident using it everyday having achieved both my Signature BSL Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications.

I am proficient enough to start and hold a conversation with a deaf person but you won’t see me in the bottom right corner of the TV any time soon.

Web Development (2009-…)

I learnt of Web Development in college, layouts with archaic tables and thought there had to be something better. Fortunately there already was, HTML elements and CSS sheets.

Why this wasn’t taught to me is still a mystery, so I taught myself. Self taught Web Development is a common thing and for me was an excellent way to develop myself without needing a College or University.

I used this knowledge to secure a summer job as a Web Developer and have also created some freelance projects providing both front and back-end development. I also created this site, simple as it is, that’s the design I wanted.

Final Year Project (2009-14)

My Final Year Project for my University Degree covered many different aspects of Cloud Computing for SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise). The dates above span the final year as this project extended previous work.

I had to analyse various different hosting platforms, focussing on the cloud computing platforms available such as Amazon’s EC2, Amazon’s Beanstalk, Google’s App Engine, Red Hat’s OpenShift, Cloud Control… etc.

The investigation covered many different aspects before the actual implementation of application code and processes.

  • Cloud Computing Platform,
  • Application Programming Language,
  • EU and US Data Laws,
  • Automated Backup and Restore… etc.

I could go on for a while but I won’t, that’s what the 150 page project report submitted to the University is for.

What is important is that the project was a big success. I achieved all the requirements for the project, encapsulated into a solution that allows the client to offer secure access to learning resources whilst reducing cost and web application management.